You are invited to a live demo of ProgrammableFlow® SDN

With the overwhelming interest in Software-Defined Networking (SDN), we get frequent requests from prospects and industry watchers alike to see first-hand what ProgrammableFlow SDN can do. They’re interested in viewing advanced levels of network automation, with rapid, centralized provisioning of network resources; they want to see a truly unified network, exercising control and management over both the physical and virtual networks, and they are particularly intrigued when they think about how they can use the northbound interface on ProgrammableFlow to program the network from within their applications.

ProgrammableFlow FunctionalityNEC has joined with SDN Central to offer a live demo, to be featured on SDN DemoFriday™ on March 22, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. PST/1:30 p.m. EST. Please join Samrat Ganguly, NEC’s Chief Network Architect, and me as we first give you a brief overview of the ProgrammableFlow Network Suite, followed up with a live demonstration of key elements of this award-winning disruptive technology.

Highlights of the demo include:

  • Automated and dynamic discovery, identification and provisioning of network resources: tasks now completed easily and rapidly with ProgrammableFlow SDN
  • Single pane, centralized network monitoring, control and management of both physical and virtual networks
  • Dynamic Service composition, provisioning and resiliency
  • Network Orchestration with ProgrammableFlow and Openstack Quantum
  • Smart Network Aware Appliances: DDoS attack mitigation
  • Enabling productivity with network aware applications: Building on NorthBound APIs

Register today to attend the live ProgrammableFlow demo.

And if you can’t wait to attend the live demo, you can access a ProgrammableFlow Deep Dive webinar, featuring our own Samrat Ganguly and hosted by Ivan Pepelnjak of iosHints to learn more today.