NEC Shines in Enterprise Connect Mock RFP

UNIVERGE 3C™ Unified Communications and Collaboration software platform excels with its mobility and collaboration capabilities.

At a leading industry conference and expo, Enterprise Connect 2012, NEC responded to the mock Unified Communications (UC) Request for Proposal (RFP).  The NEC UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) software platform received the highest score in the key UC conferencing category and was tied with two other competitors for the top spot in the area of mobility.

NEC participated in two different RFPs focused on UC without a new PBX and UC as part of a new PBX purchase.  The RFPs were developed collectively by UniComm Consulting and Stein Consulting.  The recently announced next generation of NEC’s UC&C software platform, UNIVERGE 3C, scored high overall on both RFP submissions.  During the UC as part of a new PBX session, David Stein, of Stein Consulting congratulated NEC on the significant difference in this next generation product.

NEC UNIVERGE 3C Excels in Mobility and Collaboration CategoriesThe UNIVERGE 3C software platform services enterprises, medium sized businesses, and Cloud operators.  It utilizes a service-oriented architecture and open standards (e.g. SIP, XMPP), to provide the utmost in adaptability.  The UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications and Collaboration platform integrates a RIA (Rich Internet Applications) framework as a web-oriented architecture (WOA) enabling an entirely new user experience. For IT, this provides a very natural fit into enterprise web architectures, leverages standard security methods (e.g. HTTPS/SSL, certificates), and simplifies delivery of collaborative tools for business end users. For end-users, this offers a very consistent, rich user experience anywhere on virtually any device.

NEC offers a strong migration path for its customers wanting to deploy UC solutions and this was reflected by the ratings received in the RFP created by UniComm Consulting titled “UC without a new PBX”.  Along with seven other competitors NEC submitted a response to this RFP, which concerned a business with 2,000 users and required presence, IM, click-to-communicate functionality along with support for mobile communications and CEBP applications.

In particular, NEC ranked top in the UC conferencing capability with a score of 8.86 on a 10 point scale.  UNIVERGE 3C’s robust collaboration services software enables all users to selectively utilize audio, video, screen sharing, document presentation, file sharing, remote control, co-browsing, voting/polling and more to provide a rich and engaging user experience that promotes collaboration.  It is designed to apply to a wide range of professional areas, enabling enterprises to utilize common software infrastructure across different parts of their organizations, resulting in greater efficiencies from their IT investment.

Nomadic work styles continue to be a growing trend with today’s workforce.  IDC predicts that by 2015 the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion people, representing 37.2% of the total workforce.*  In order to be productive these mobile workers need easy access to contacts and key collaboration applications even while away from their offices.  NEC was one of the top rated companies, along with RIM and IBM, in the mobility category.  UNIVERGE 3C optimizes workforce productivity by offering rich clients not only for desktops, but for mobile devices as well and all with a consistent user experience.  Employees can easily connect from any location on virtually any device and initiate a collaboration session with co-workers, customers or partners.

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*Source:  IDC Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast, December 2011