NEC joins Microsoft in the Cloud

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track

Two weeks ago at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando there was much talk about cloud computing – public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, community clouds, cloud brokers –the list seemed endless.  Despite all the hype around cloud computing, it represents an important set of technologies that all customers will include in their IT strategy moving forward.

At Gartner Symposium Microsoft was identified as a leader in cloud offerings.  Today NEC is pleased to be joining Microsoft’s Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track program.  This program provides a clear direction for customers who want to build private, on-premises clouds to provide a standardized, scalable, and reliable platform for dynamic IT operations.

NEC’s Express5800 Server, storage, and network products are a perfect fit for private cloud.  Read more about NEC’s Hyper-V private cloud offering here and learn more about other NEC solutions for the North American market.