Police Car of the Future…Powered By NEC

altNEC has been working with GM, LAPD and the Australian National Safety Agency to develop a next generation police vehicle.  RoboCop it is not…but still very cool.

NEC has been a technology leader in automobile technologies for some time now.  Projects include image recognition in vehicles and car 2 car communications.  Now here’s the latest:

The solution is based on NEC’s Mobile Access Controller (MAC), an integrated voice and data communications platform.

The technology will also be available in domestic vehicles.

One of the key advantages of the solution is a large, purpose designed touch screen monitor which is embedded into the vehicle dashboard. The screen provides a consolidated user interface and solves key occupant safety issues by reducing equipment clutter.

In addition to the built in LCD display, NEC is providing the following as part of the vehicle package:

• High performance built in touch screen display
• MAC Applications Processor to provide rugged in-vehicle computing
• MAC IP Services Module to provide secure, reliable network connectivity
• MAC Intelligent Vehicle Controller to manage vehicle power and provide fleet management functionality.

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Meter Readers No Longer Need to Live In Fear of Dogs

300px-Elster_Type_R15_electricity_meterI always wondered why someone would want to job of entering into a stranger’s backyard in order to read the power meter.  There’s so much that could go wrong: dogs, children, some guy with a shotgun, etc.  Well, NEC just made that job a little easier….oh, and helping save the planet too! NEC has just introduced a LCD microcontroller for home power management.  This not only eliminates the need for meter readers to risk their lives but it also integrates with Smart Grid technologies.  Energy provides can better managed power demand and efficiency.

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