NEC’s Keith Terreri on the Intersection of CFO & CIO

Recently, Keith Terreri, NEC Corporation of America’s CFO and SVP of Corporate Operations and IT, spoke with Dan Larson, host of the ‘Count Me In’ Podcast from the Institute of Management of Accountants.

In his role, Keith has the unique advantage of overseeing finance and IT for NECAM. In this podcast episode, Keith describes the convergence of these two pivotal roles and provides important tips on cybersecurity that any organization can benefit from.

Key takeaways from the podcast include:

  • How converging the role of CIO and CFO helped increase collaboration, communication and visibility between finance, corporate operations, and IT teams.
  • Why cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, not just IT, and why cyber liability is a financial risk to all organizations.
  • How adopting the slogan, “We’re all IT now,” helped increase collaboration between finance, corporate operations, and IT and shift to a “one team” mentality.
  • Why cybersecurity awareness and good business judgement must be communicated to employees on a frequent basis
  • Why all businesses, no matter the type or size, need to prioritize cybersecurity and Keith’s four steps to get started.

Listen to the podcast now!

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Managing Telecom Expenses – the NEC Way

First, AT&T announces that they will change their data plans.  Then Apple announces the new iPhone 4.  New headaches for a CFO who may already manage different rate plans and pricing for wired services and now has to consider the implications of employees wanting to bring the new iPhone into the enterprise with a new data plan.  So what’s a CFO to do?

Bag of MoneyNEC recently introduced a new TEM (telecom expense management) solution that helps manage the business processes of IT and finance departments when they acquire, provision and support communication assets, such as equipment and services.  With NEC’s Managed Telecom Expense Management, powered by AnchorPoint, we deliver a high return on investment (ROI) through process automation, active management and reporting through Managed TEM as part of NEC’s Managed and Lifecycle Services offerings.