Spend strategically, finance creatively

imagesComputerworld recently featured a story called “Recovery Ahead” in which they talked about ways to plan for growth even during a downturn in the economy. One of the “nuggets of wisdom” that was mentioned was “Spend strategically, finance creatively.”

Examples from the article talked about one company that invested in video conferencing to reduce travel, while a university proposed a four-year capital expense payment plan vs. a single cash outlay for a new communications infrastructure.

There are various ways to plan for growth and NEC can help in many areas. First, NEC Corporation has allocated more than $100,000,000 to fund leases (and other business activities) for business in the U.S. market. Using this money, NEC Financial Services structured a number of strategic leasing programs designed to minimize capital expenditures, assist customers with their cash flow, and even fund “0% Interest” lease programs.

Secondly, NEC has several solutions, including videoconferencing, soft phones and more, that can help reduce costs now.