New SMB offerings from Verizon and NEC


"By creating new VoIP and Internet packages that include both services and hardware, we’re giving our wholesale customers new ways to support their small- and medium-sized business customers in a time when every nickel and every efficiency counts toward success," said Quintin Lew, senior vice president of marketing for Verizon Global Wholesale. "Our goal continues to be to arm our wholesale customers with the tools that help them to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed." (For more information about the benefits Verizon Global Wholesale offers its wholesale customers who support the small and medium business market, click here.) NEC IP PBX and SIP Gateway Solution The first new package combines Verizon’s SIP (session initiation protocol) Gateway Service with associated router hardware. SIP Gateway Service transports VoIP traffic between packet-based IP networks and the traditional telephone network, allowing Verizon Global Wholesale’s customers to give small and medium-sized businesses a quick and easy way to get into the VoIP world.

In addition to providing access to Verizon’s expansive IP local network and its telephone number inventory, wholesale customers can offer small and medium-sized businesses a new NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 IP PBX and its associated installation and maintenance bundle at a discount, simplifying the setup and lowering the cost of entry into the IP market. This enables small and medium-sized businesses to work with a single vendor, receive one bill, and gain access to a feature-rich VoIP solution that delivers cost reductions and the promise of increased productivity.

Both the SIP connection and the NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 PBX are priced at a discount with this new simple, feature-rich package. The service and hardware discounts expire on June 30.