NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C iPAD Client Empowers Workforces

Each year Enterprise Connect, the leading conference and exposition on enterprise communications and collaboration, covers several main themes that are aligned with its different presentation tracks, and this year one dominant theme was wireless/mobility. As a Diamond sponsor, NEC demonstrated its latest solutions for the empowered workforce, in particular ones addressing mobile unified communications and collaboration (UC&C). Today’s workforce, no matter what age or generation, demands communication tools that are technologically advanced, allowing easy access to information from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Among its many demonstrations NEC showcased how the UNIVERGE 3C™ client for the iPAD compliments its UC&C mobility solutions for the empowered workforce, available for both on-premise and cloud (UCaaS) mobile business users. The newest iPAD client for UNIVERGE 3C brings together several powerful capabilities for iPAD users, such as:

  • A Common User Experience and usage of well-known iPAD/iPhone icons and gestures.
  • Integral voice over IP multimedia HD communication with support for calling over Wi-Fi or mobile cellular data networks*.
  • Enterprise integrated directory access provides user-controlled groups (contact panels) to organize contact lists on the iPAD, synchronized Active Directory integration, access to Exchange Global Address Lists (GAL) and to Exchange (Outlook) Personal Addresses. It also allows entry and access to any external address, making it easy for users to search entire enterprise directories and add people as UC contacts.
  • Secure mobile communications that leverage standard HTTPS Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 256bit AES security and standard Transport Layer Security (TLS), resulting in alignment with enterprise infrastructures and elimination of VPNs.
  • 3C Empowered Mobility provides complete control of which device a user wishes to utilize with the ability to move calls real-time for seamless communications.
  • Advanced forwarding options with the ability to configure Quick Set Profiles (QSPs) for immediate changes on the go and support for any number mobility – enabling cellular number, home number, or any other as a user telephony option to control.
  • Single Identity Calling provides a common business number for users regardless of the number a user utilizes to initiate their outbound call from.
  • Multi-party visual conferencing allows users to see every person currently on a conference call and the ability to easily add any caller to any conference bridge. With one touch access users can easily join a visual conference.
  • Enterprise-class call handling capabilities, including extension dialing, transfer, hold/resume, forwarding (w/ QSPs), multi-party visual conference, and on-command recording.
  • Persistent Enhanced Presence can be set as automatic or manual and provides a persistent presence state even when not signed-on, includes integral location intelligence with multiple location information sharing options, and extended presence status messages and workgroup messages. In addition, the telephony presence intelligence represents presence for all devices, including mobile cellular or any number Single Identity Calls.
  • Client server-side communications history provides access to server-stored history from any client – tablet, mobile, or desktop, providing easy access to calls with quick call back, voicemail history and quick access to VM messages, and IM history.
  • Integral collaboration meetings can be accessed with one touch to see meetings scheduled. Instantly join meetings for full screen participation. Easily view shared documents or screen sharing presentations. Additional slide preview functions and the ability to control slide view and in-meeting chat is included.

View the video below to see some of these UC&C features in action on the iPAD.

* VoIP calls over Wi-Fi and mobile cellular calls will vary based on performance of the data connection.