NEC Innovation Helps Express an Author’s Feelings based on Text

Blogs have been around for a couple of years now but the evolution of both blogging and technology is growing even faster.  First, it was text only with little ability to add in features and applications or even photos.  Now, you can have a vlog (video log) incorporating video from several sources, embed photos, drive RSS feeds and more.

NEC recognizes the importance of this social networking tool and recently announced the ability to create highly expressive and entertaining audio and visual blogs that assess the author’s feelings from the text.

Imagine writing a statement “The sky is a lovely blue here today” and based on those words, emoticons (you know the little smiley faces and other icons that you can add) automatically appear.  You wouldn’t even have to say positive words such as “It is a good day” or “I am enjoying my day off.” Based on the simple words of “lovely” and “blue sky” it would appear that you are happy and enjoying the day.

More importantly, let’s go beyond a simple blog and imagine the possibilities in real life scenarios.  Take a person that is unable to speak who may now have the ability to type in text “Welcome home from work sweetheart” and have their emotions translated into beautiful designs and decorations for someone to see.  There are many possibilities when you add these types of communications to our world.

Stay tuned for more innovations from NEC.