NEC at Microsoft TechED 2011

NEC Servers with Mike MitschIt was great to see so many excited TechED attendees this year at Microsoft  TechED in Atlanta. Microsoft always has a great event attended by many people interested in learning  more about Microsoft and products for the Microsoft envrioment.  NEC was fortunate to be in a booth with Intel. Intel provides the Westmere-EP and Westmere-EX Xeon processors for the NEC servers that were in the booth.  The NEC servers have been designed with Fault Tolerant and Scalable, High Availability capabilities for the mission critical enterprise space.  The NEC servers provide consistent reliability within the ecosystem of Microsoft enterprise class products such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Hyper-V.
Mike Mitsch was in attendance and provided the portfolio and product overviews that were captured on video.  I was also in attendance and was able to provide interactive demonstrations and have discussions with hundreds of attendees regarding their need for Fault Tolerant and High availability systems.  At NEC, we are excited to work, with Intel and Microsoft, to provide better solutions for the Intel and Microsoft ecosystem.