NEC at Interop 2011

Interop has gotten off to a great start.  In two days we introduced a major innovation in networking, discussed its implications for data center and cloud networks, demonstrated the technology and won Best of Interop!

Monday, we announced a major advance in data center and cloud networking with the release of the ProgrammableFlow product family from NEC. ProgrammableFlow leverages a new approach to networking that allows network owners to control and manage their network centrally.  By moving networking up into the applications stack, ProgrammableFlow acts as a hypervisor for the network, bringing the same benefits of server virtualization to the network:  flexibility, easy of deployment, high availability and better resource utilization.  You can read more about ProgrammableFlow on our website.

Also on Monday, Samrat Ganguly, Senior Network Architect, participated with an all-star panel including Intel and IBM.  They discussed how to plan and build  Private Clouds, and how to prevent outages such as the recent Amazon experience.  The Amazon outage was directly tied to human error in network configuration

ProgrammableFlow meets this challenge head on.  ProgrammableFlow reduces network complexity and network configuration.  Eric Miller from Genesis Hosting, a provider of premium hosting services and a ProgrammableFlow customer, believes ProgrammableFlow is aiding him in maintaining five 9's of availability with it's self-repair, multi-path capability.    Genesis' experiences with ProgrammableFlow have been posted in a case study on the PFlow website

Yesterday,  the Interop Interop Expo opened.  It was great to see so many of you there.  In the booth, we demonstrated how virtualized networks can be built on multivendor hardware.  NEC’s ProgrammableFlow controller controlling both the NEC PF5240 Switch and the OpenFlow enabled IBM BNT RackSwitch G8264.  We also demonstrated interoperability of ProgrammableFlow with several other OpenFlow vendors in the Interop Openflow Lab.

All this innovation was recognized by the Judges from InformationWeek Analytics.  We won Best of Interop in the Infrastructure category for the ProgrammableFlow Switch!   We were up against finalists Broadcom and Cisco so we are particularly pleased to be recognized as the leader in Infrastructure Technology.  The judges recognized “The real power of the ProgrammableFlow switch becomes apparent when, through a controller, you can virtualize the layer 2/3 topology regardless of the underlying physical layout and visualize the network paths.”

Customers are the real winners, however, with ProgrammableFlow.  It will enable you to build virtualized, high performance data center networks at significantly reduced cost.

 If you are at Interop, please come visit us at Booth 904, and we will show you our new, award-winning ProgrammableFlow!