NanoBridge in the CU Interconnects of Si LSI – Translation: Technology that makes our life better

imagineThere are companies that are good at R&D and then there are companies that are GREAT at R&D and come up with innovative ideas and products that just blow your mind. NEC is one of those GREAT R&D companies. You may have read in previous blogs about the LCD microcontroller for home power management or translation glasses or the application that let’s you translate text into emoticons. These are just a few of the cool new technologies that are coming from NEC.

What really caught my attention was an announcement from NEC Corporation about the successful integration of NanoBridge in the CU Interconnects of Si LSI. On first glance you may ask, “What?”

Technology, like chips for cell phones and computers, can only be so small. But imagine developing a technology that increases the operational speed and lowers the power consumption so that on a single chip, you are only using a fraction of the space.

We complain today that the apps on our iPhone are too slow or we have too many programs open on our computer and it is slowing us down. With more powerful chips in our devices, we will be able to talk, text, and type and not worry about slowing down.