Learn How to Make Your Device UC Smart (Part 3)

UCE AgentIn part one of this series, we talked about NEC’s UC for Enterprise (UCE) Mobility suite and its new Web version, which allows you to stay connected and access solutions from your device of choice. In part two of this series, we investigated how NEC’s UCE Manager can help businesses become more efficient, collaborative and productive.

In this final installment, we will focus on how NEC has improved the feature enhancements of UCE Agent to allow you to easily perform functions like transferring calls and accessing information of other agents in the contact center.

NEC’s UCE Agent is now equipped with:

  • Information Panel: Have trouble keeping track of your time? The information panel contains split information with statistics, such as time spend in ready, work and break modes. It also provides additional agent information, like login IDs and phone extensions.
  • Improved Communication History: Don’t wonder if you returned someone’s call or not.  This improved communication history shows missed calls, outgoing calls and answered calls, along with their duration and details. It also allows you to filter ACD and non-ACD calls, to help you stay organized.
  • Call Control: Now you can stay in control and manage all your calls with NEC’s improved call center which allows you to transfer, hold, disconnect, conference and collaborate with videos.

So, now you know what’s new with NEC’s UCE Mobility solutions, but we want to know how your call center has improved with NEC solutions. Leave us a comment and be sure to follow NEC on Twitter and Facebook to find out more information about our UCE solutions and capabilities.