How to Profit from NEC’s Green Initiative

Lots of people are asking us how green NEC products are. In a nutshell, NEC was green when green was just a color.

NEC was one of the first global companies to demonstrate environmental consciousness. Way back in 1971, we issued environmental management guidelines that directed NEC managers to pursue green policies. And we didn’t stop there! In 1991, we published an environmental charter with action plans for our employees to follow to conserve resources, and we initiated internal environmental labeling in 1998 to promote the development of environmentally sound products. Our system worked, and we currently have 5,273 products in 55 categories that carry our Eco label. One of our proudest achievements has been our Forestation Program, which we started in 2002. We committed to planting 6.750 acres of trees by 2010 – and maintaining them until at least 2020. By then, those tress should absorb nearly a million tons of CO2 annually!

In 2007, we committed to reducing our carbon footprint to zero by 2010. See if you can find another global manufacturing company that has publically committed to such an ambitious green goal!

Our commitment to the environment is not going away. This year, NEC Unified Solutions introduced new products that are both power-efficient and compliant with RoHS green manufacturing standards. NEC has also introduced optional bioplastic side panels for our new terminals. By 2010, NEC plans to replace 10 percent of its petrochemical plastics with bioplastics made from corn.

Our new IP products are also in line with our environmental mission. They use less power than our previous products and were manufactured with environmentally safe methods and materials. We’ve even eliminated lead and mercury from their circuit boards.

We’ve demonstrated our commitment. Now it’s your turn! NEC Unified Solutions has the products for you if you want to use less power and help protect the environment.