Happy customers?

The June 15, 2009 issue of CIO magazine (page 15 or online) featured an article on “Bagging Customer Loyalty.”  Quick summary: A supermarket chain is changing their customer loyalty program from collecting data that they can then analyze for customer buying habits to collecting data that customers can then use to make better purchases.  As the CIO of the supermarket stated, “If it exists today, we aren’t thinking big enough.”

What we hear is that businesses want more than just the normal, commodity technology.  They want solutions that are customized and can fit their business to 1)increase customer loyalty 2)increase revenues and 3)decreases expenses (Gartner’s “Meeting the Challenge: The 2009 CIO Agenda” supports these priorities).

NEC has always worked with customers to deliver solutions that can be easily implemented for simple business problems, but also has a services and applications development group that works with customers to design and deliver applications that provide a deeper impact on the business.

For example, NEC recently worked with the City of Philadelphia to create a customized IVR application that helped to reduce call center costs while improving customer service.  Other examples can be found on NEC’s website.