Corporate Social Responsibility

Very few companies take Corporate Social Responsibility as seriously as NEC Corporation.  NEC is one of the few global companies that publishes an annual CSR report to inform stakeholders how it is doing with regards to its NEC Group Vision 2017: “To be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth.”

NEC forest

In previous posts we have talked about the innovation that NEC brings.  I would like to highlight a few of these innovations that are specific to our CSR innitiatives.

  1. Reducing CO2 emissions from manufacturing activities: CO2 emissions deriving from energy usage fell an absolute value of 90,000 tons compared with the previous fiscal year. This drop was due to energy conservation measures for the planned introduction of highly efficient energy-saving equipment and improved productivity through production innovation, as well as decreases in production volumes.
  2. Reducing CO2 emissions through enegy saving products: With a goal of reducing CO2 emissions during usage to 30% compared to that of products developed in FY 2006, NECsucceeded in surpassing that number with a reduction of 45%.
  3. Increasing CO2 emission reduction effect by providing IT solutions: The effect of reductions in CO2 emissions reached 1.89 million tons and has increased further through the IT solutions provided in FY 2009.
  4. Offsetting CO2 emissions: BIGLOBE, which offers comprehensive Internet services, has devised a scheme whereby it “plants as many trees as necessary to absorb the CO2 emissions caused by searches,” so that Web searches and searches from the toolbar support carbon offsets.  For every one million searches, a single eucalyptus tree is planted in the “NEC Forest,” located on Kangaroo Island, Australia. According to estimates made by BIGLOBE, a single Web search results in CO2 emissions of 0.4 g. A single eucalyptus tree, however, will absorb 400 kg of CO2 over 20 years. Thus, planting a single eucalyptus tree can offset the CO2 emitted by one million searches.

These are just a few of the many initiatives that NEC has undertaken with regards to CSR.  When considering a company to partner with on solutions, consider one that has not only your company bottom line at heart, but also the planet.