Collaborating Beyond Office Walls

When you think of a corporate employee going to work, what do you envision? History and pop culture would reference an office with cubicles housing phones, computers and the inevitable desk knick-knacks. But, as many major corporations have either brought teleworking to the mainstream or at least consider the pros and cons, are these references still accurate? As more companies seek new ways to increase productivity from their workforce, and discover new work styles desired by a changing workforce in the traditional office, walls are coming down and the office is becoming a virtual, always available concept. Many companies are finding that these changes are necessary to attract top talent.

NEC - Collaborating Beyond Office WallsGovernment, corporations and even small- to medium-sized businesses are adopting a non-traditional workplace, taking the phone and computer out of the cubicle and into a home office or on the road. In today’s world of mobile devices, video conferencing, presence, instant messaging and social networking, the question is not whether you can be productive remotely. Instead it is how do you best implement your telework strategy to ensure the proper tools and processes are in place that will ultimately lead to success.

We’ve heard the standard benefits of telework – real estate savings, commuter cost savings, lowered greenhouse gas emissions and attractiveness to millennial workers. But corporations must integrate a strong unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) program across the organization to ensure productivity and profitability goals are achieved in order for these savings to matter. UC&C software and solutions enable workers to collaborate in both teleworking landscapes as well as in traditional office environments where teams work collaboratively with other colleagues, vendors or suppliers across the city or across the world.

NEC’s Unified Communications and Collaboration solution – UNIVERGE 3C – enables organizations to more cost effectively deliver a consistent collaboration experience, resulting in productivity across the workforce. UNIVERGE 3C keeps employees connected to their business anytime, anywhere, supporting the nomadic style of today’s workforce by allowing them to easily connect and collaborate from any location, on virtually any device, with colleagues and customers.

We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the nomadic workforce and the impact UC&C has on increasing productivity?

If you are attending Enterprise Connect (March 18-21 at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Florida) and want to know more about the nomadic workforce, join me at my session entitled Enabling the Nomadic Workforce on Wednesday, March 20, at 1:30 PM ET in Sun C.