How to Safely Manage the Massive Influx of Data Growth

We are living in an ever-present, data-driven economy. Connected devices and IoT are driving up the collection and distribution of data and creating capacity and management challenges like never before. Not only does the data need to be securely stored, it needs to be available within seconds and 24/7. CIOs and IT directors must identify and face these data management challenges with an efficient, scalable and customizable solution.

Let’s identify these challenges and key questions IT leaders must face to uncover a powerful answer to the enormous influx of data growth.

Platform Scalability and Customization

In 2017, The Economist declared data as the world’s most valuable resource, over oil. With the rise of smartphones and the use of the internet in our daily lives, data has become a valued resource for governments and businesses alike. Every prediction of new future-forward technology involves the collection, dissemination and long-term storage of data, no matter the size of the organization.

The Questions: How can a business effectively store the growth of such a valuable resource? What about legacy systems already in use for storage?
A robust platform is required that can be scaled and customized for both small-to-medium business and enterprise growth. The storage scalability, including upgrades and technology refreshes, must also be seamless and non-disruptive to be a competent solution to this challenge.

The Answer: NEC’s HYDRAstor easily handles the data needs and growth of SMB and enterprise businesses, scaling from 1 to 165 nodes, and managing petabytes of data through compression and deduplication. Upgrades are non-disruptive with the ability to add up to 3 generations of hardware, simultaneously in the same system. The grid architecture features two different node types: hybrids (HN) for expanding both performance and capacity or storage (SN) for expanding capacity only. Data deduplication is distributed globally, across all nodes, and resources required for more power and more capacity are aggregated through the grid. Depending on the needs of the organization, the platform can be configured as required for near unlimited data growth.

Backup Performance, No Failures and No Disruption of Service – NEC/Segue Case Study:

Data Reliability, Availability and Protection

Healthcare organizations rely on accurate data to make life or death decisions for patients. Autonomous vehicles rely on data access to operate safely. Digital financial transactions are monitored for criminal activity and must be available almost instantly. With these and other organizational shifts to the cloud, data must be easily accessible, dependable and secure.

The Questions: Can data be both accessible and secure? Is there a high availability solution that can handle inevitable disk failures or other data disruptions?

The Answer: With no single point of failure, NEC’s HYDRAstor grid architecture offers advanced data protection with erasure-coded resilience. Erasure coding involves distributing the data across the entire storage grid, tolerating up to six concurrent disk or node failures with no disruption. Data resiliency is ensured by the automatic rebuilding of only the lost data, enabling a faster data rebuild than traditional RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).

HYDRAstor offers data encryption prior to being written to disk, securing it from unauthorized access to lost or stolen disks. Classified and unclassified data can also exist within the same node, boosted by HYDRAstor’s Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) capability and data-shredding for regulatory compliance.

Legal Services Company Turns to NEC:

Simplification of Management

Data migrations are a common pain point among IT departments. Managing a complex data storage solution can be convoluted, especially with the challenge of fork lift upgrade of legacy systems and disparate data backups.

The Questions: How can a storage solution be introduced into an existing environment and still be simple to manage? Is there a need to replace the current systems and software already in place?

The Answer: NEC’s HYDRAstor offers simplified intelligence management software and works with existing backup applications such as Net Backup, Veritas, Veeam, Commvault and more. The system dynamically allocates storage capacity as needed, without user intervention or configuration, through auto provisioning. It also provides a simple, non-disruptive ability to replace legacy hardware and add additional capacity without interruption of data access.

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NEC’s HYDRAstor: A Cost-efficient Solution for Data Growth

In 2013, Science Daily predicted that 90% of the data in the world had been generated in the previous two years. Many predict that data will continue to grow exponentially as far into the future as we can imagine. CIOs of small, medium and large organizations must be prepared for the long-term storage and backup of this data, but are understandably concerned about the costs.

The BIG Question: Can a storage platform be all this and cost efficient too?

The Answer: NEC’s HYDRAstor storage platform is well-equipped to handle these data challenges and help create cost-efficiencies in the process.

– Replication to and from disaster recovery sites with encrypted and deduplicated streams ensures data is safe everywhere, is stored cost-effectively, and is moved as fast as possible between sites.
– Storage capacity consumption is reduced through inline global deduplication offering near unlimited storage for data growth.
– For small-to-medium businesses, HYDRAstor is available on virtual appliances using VMWare ESXi or Microsoft’s Hyper-V.
– For enterprise organizations, HYDRAstor can be built out from one to 165 nodes, reaching up to six petabytes of throughput per hour.
– HYDRAstor supports all main backup software vendors and multiple generations of hardware, reducing the need for rip and replace or forklift upgrades.
– Grid architecture and erasure coding distributes data across all nodes for no disruptions in the case of disk or node failures.

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Amenities at the Touch of a Screen: theWit Hotel Opens with Cutting-Edge Self-Service Technology from NEC

Upscale boutique hotel in Chicago utilizes NEC’s integrated communications solutions to create a unique guest experience

IRVING, TX, June 23, 2009 — NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. (NEC), a leading communications solutions integrator, today announced that theWit Hotel, the recently opened downtown Chicago boutique hotel, is using NEC communications technology to deliver unprecedented access to luxury services and amenities for its guests.

“Technology is a cornerstone of theWit; every piece has to integrate in order to create a truly unique guest experience. NEC’s communications server and phones automate guest services, enabling our customers to enjoy the unparalleled comfort and amenities we provide while our employees can efficiently focus on high-touch services,” said Lou Carrier, chief brand officer for ECD Company / theWit Hotel. “When it comes to NEC, we feel like we have the best products on the market; what they helped us create speaks directly to our brand.”

“From the very beginning, the technology vision for theWit has been to provide guests with an experience that is second-to-none with features that are both convenient and easy to use,” said Darrin Pinkham, chief technology officer for ECD Company / theWit Hotel. “NEC has been an integral partner in helping us achieve a seamless converged and ubiquitous network for an impeccable guest experience.”

theWit, a Doubletree Hotel, opened its doors in May with 298 rooms, all dedicated to providing guests with deluxe accommodations through advanced technology. Guest rooms at theWit feature touch-screen access to a variety of services, such as valet notification, setting restaurant reservations, ordering wake-up calls, requesting towels from housekeeping, and looking up airline flight or weather information, all using easy-to-navigate applications from DOCOMO interTouch on NEC’s UNIVERGE® DT750 IP phones. Guests with a sense of humor can request wake-up calls with a message recorded by a celebrity impressionist from the Second City Chicago. Celebrity voices include President Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Al Capone and Harry Caray. NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8500 enterprise-class communications server provides voice over IP (VoIP) service to both guests and hotel staff.

“Without a doubt, theWit Hotel is raising the bar in hospitality by leveraging NEC’s communication solutions to help facilitate excellent guest service and staff efficiency,” said Lou Van De Water, vice president and general manager for eastern regional sales, NEC. “theWit is a prime example of the UNIVERGE360 concept: by making guests and staff the central components of their technology decisions, they achieve outstanding results for their customers.”

Headquartered in Singapore, DOCOMO interTouch provides integrated hospitality applications and is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO and a member of the UNIVERGE Solutions Partner Program, NEC’s worldwide program that gives technology providers the opportunity to fully integrate their products and applications with NEC’s UNIVERGE portfolio.

More information on NEC can be found at:
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Facebook: NEC Unified Solutions

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NEC Unified Solutions helps companies unify their business communications through innovative software, applications, development tools, and services. NEC offers a complete portfolio for unified communications, wireless, voice, data and managed services, as well as systems integration and application development. NEC Unified Solutions serves as the North American communications integration arm of global giant NEC Corporation for Fortune 1000, as well as small to mid-sized businesses in vertical markets such as hospitality, education, government, and healthcare. For more information, visit

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About theWit Hotel
theWit Hotel is a new luxury boutique property located in the heart of Chicago’s energetic Loop theater district. TheWit is a flagship property developed by Scott Greenberg of the ECD Company and operated by the Doubletree brand of Hilton Hotels, and clients enjoy the benefits of membership in HHonors, Hilton’s reward program for loyal guests. Four-diamond service with a clever twist is the hallmark of theWit experience, and the hotel’s stylishly irreverent character is inspired by the culture and self-expression so inherent in its urban surroundings. Designed by Chicago architect Jackie Koo with interiors by Cheryl Rowley, theWit feature 298 rooms (including 60 suites); two full floors of meeting and event space; SCREEN, a state-of-the-art multimedia theater; and three dining concepts: cibbo matto, STATE AND LAKE, and a 27th-floor lounge, ROOF. The property also offers guests an opportunity for tranquility at its full-service spa (Spa@theWit) and health club. TheWit is a sleek, contemporary hotel offering a new kind of luxury hospitality experience that fuses charm and good humor with relaxation and opulence. Visit us online at