Augmented Reality…CEBP in the enterprise?

A colleague sent me a link for a new application called Augmented Reality that was featured on CNET. Summary: A VERY COOL application, available now in the Netherlands for Android OS and in a few other locations with the Apple 3Gs, will mashup GPS information with things like hot spots, real estate, restaurants and more to display on your mobile phone as you view things through the camera on the phone.

Augmented Reality

My first thought was “how and when will this come into the enterprise?” There are many examples of applications that were popularized by consumers then brought into the corporate arena (IM, video, email). Then a thought struck me. “This is what we call CEBP or communication enabled business process!”

Think about it…taking a business application (restaurant location and info, real estate listings, train schedules) and combining that with a communication application (video, click to call, etc) all in real-time (what we in the enterprise call presence).

We may have started out simple with IVR applications that can access data (ex: call your bank and get your updated balance in real-time) but it has now progressed to the point where we can integrate 2-way communications with business processes to get things done faster and even save a few dollars.  NEC and other vendors are moving forward in this area. More to come…