And the survey results are in

Research has shown that more companies will deploy unified communications (UC) over the next year.  NEC conducted a survey to find out what the driving factor will be behind deploying UC in the coming year and who will be the decision maker. Thanks to all of you who helped us by taking the survey and telling us your thoughts. Here’s what we found…

One hundred percent of those polled told us they plan on deploying UC over the next year, proving that everyone is noticing the important role UC will play in the coming year. More than one third of respondents said IT managers or directors are the top IT purchasing decision makers in their organization, followed by CIOs and external consultants. And what was the main factor driving UC deployment?

Survey - Who Makes IT Purchasing Decisions

Being more collaborative proved to be the top reason companies plan to deploy UC with 71 percent of the votes, followed by the desire to grow your business with 29 percent of the votes. Are these the results you expected? Comment on this post and let us know if your company aligns with these projections or if you plan to do something different.

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