A Real Life Foreign Film

Real Life foreign film

I was watching an Italian film the other day that had subtitles throughout the entire movie (as most foreign films do).  It was awkward at first, having to change my focus between the words on the bottom of the screen and the actor’s faces.  However, after about 20 minutes I caught myself in sort of a “language zone”.  I stopped focusing on the words and focused more on the actors.  My brain was still processing the subtitles but I didn’t have to focus on them as much.  It was like I could suddenly speak Italian!

This “language zone” (not an official term) is what I hope to experience when I start to use NEC’s new Translation Glasses.   NEC has had real-time translation for a number of years now through cell phones.  But now they have changed the communication method from voice to visual.

In addition to processing and translating the foreign language, the glasses will project (for only your eyes to see) in subtitles what that person is saying.  You can maintain eye contact with the other person but understand exactly what they are saying.  Before you know it you will be in the “language zone”.